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On Climate Sustainability

From a member of the Responsible Initiative of Pakistan as part of a discussion on the need for “models who have lived or are living their lives in a sustainable manner” at a dialogue organised by the Climate Sustainability Platform at the University of Copenhagen, Centre for Africa Studies.


Governments become pro-people

Mega-companies become ethical

Politicians become honest to their vocation

Scientist become conscious of their integrity

Funders become open to traditional wisdom

NGOs become free from ‘tyranny of the project’

Youth become aware of their future challenges

You and I become fair to ourselves…

Then perhaps climate sustainability is possible’

– Dr. Faiz Shah of Responsible Business Initiative, Pakistan.

The source for this information is Malaysiakini as part of their coverage of the Copenhagen conference.

Launching EarthSayers.tv, voices of sustainability.

About to announce launch of Web site dedicated to sustainability movement, earthsayers.tv, the voices of sustainability. Voices are of teachers, experts, students, can citizens from all walks of life. Asking folks to set their browser to EarthSayers.tv for two weeks and listen to a program each day. One can do review email while listening or pay close attention.
Time to pay attention to the many facets of sustainability, climate change being one, the green consumer movement another, but unless we educate ourselves, scientists are telling us we may have run out of time to reverse the damage being done to Earth, and, ultimately, us.