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Rachel Carson, 1907 – 1964

At EarthSayers.tv, the voices of sustainability, we have created a special collection honoring environmentalist and sustainability advocate, Rachel Carson. Much of the video available is from a biographical play titled, “A Sense of Wonder” featuring actress Kaiulani Lee as Rachel. Her tn_19247book, Silent Spring, warned of the dangers of pesticides and the disconnect of humankind to nature. While written in 1962, Silent Spring deserves to be read or re-read by us all.

Her words are inspiring, her writing (some now are eBooks) motivating, and her life an example for all of us to be advocates and activists on behalf of our planet and people.

Cradle to Cradle Certification

The publication, Greener by Design, reported today that “McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) is taking its Cradle to Cradle analysis further down the product supply chain with its new Cradle to Cradle Approved Ingredient certification.

The new certification looks at the chemical components of ingredients and materials that will be in finished products, assessing their effects on human and environmental health, as well as their ability to be recycled or composted.”

Just as all Cradle to Cradle certified products are listed publicly, MBDC plans to provide a public database of certified ingredients.

Green Design Grant Announced Apply by Jan 23rd

Rob Coleman of the Rogue Element, a design and branding firm out of Chicago just announced their first annual Green Design Grant. The team will be giving away a year’s worth of design services to a sustainable or green organization in need of design services who couldn’t otherwise afford them.

This direct link takes you to a grant page with all the details. Pass this information on.

Rogue Element does not have any limitations about where your organization is located, or even if it is in more than one location. We work with clients world-wide. However, any travel costs incurred by Rogue Element while providing services under the Grant will need to be paid by the winning organization.

This is a great opportunity for a start-up or an organization needing a make-over. Rob’s team is talented, committed, and are voices of sustainability.

Launching EarthSayers.tv, voices of sustainability.

About to announce launch of Web site dedicated to sustainability movement, earthsayers.tv, the voices of sustainability. Voices are of teachers, experts, students, can citizens from all walks of life. Asking folks to set their browser to EarthSayers.tv for two weeks and listen to a program each day. One can do review email while listening or pay close attention.
Time to pay attention to the many facets of sustainability, climate change being one, the green consumer movement another, but unless we educate ourselves, scientists are telling us we may have run out of time to reverse the damage being done to Earth, and, ultimately, us.