Architecting A Web Presence for Sustainability

et_vosEarthSayer special collections are communities of thought leaders, their voices aggregated together around specific sustainability topics, organizations, programs, or projects. We think of them as landing pages for communities of leaders.

Examples include the TV program Sustainable Today; the topic Transforming Our Economy; the project Native Perspectives on Sustainability; the City of Portland; the Country of Costa Rica, and organizations such as Bioneers. The community represents a level of knowledge not available on any one site. Sponsoring organizations “share” the vision, knowledge, and experience of their leaders in one place as well as position them as sustainability thought leaders, and seed their story throughout the Web to gain higher rankings on key topics.

EarthSayers does not host the content as we use database technology to manage and embed content and on our site links back to the host site for more information and commenting. Links are  also important to being found.

With the Web we have entered an age of abundance or data saturation and it is out of balance with the communication and reception of information.  It is important to use sponsorship and partnerships to architect a commanding presence for the sustainability movement.  EarthSayers in aggregating content sees itself as part of a future where the Screen shot 2011-02-22 at 1.38.40 PMvoices of sustainability are heard around the worldwide Web because they can be easily found in a sea of information.  Since 2008 the number of search results for the term  sustainability on Blinkx, the largest video search engine,  has gone from 21,000 to over 300,000!

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