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Sustainability Alerts and the Financial Times

FT Prepare for Natural DisasterI am signed up to receive news alerts on the term, sustainability, from the Financial Times.  This last week I received seven alerts, several in the same day. What caught my attention was not so much the quantity, it was not that unusual actually, but the range of subjects in such a short period as well as the emotional content of the headlines. Warnings, critical roles, calls to prepare, and, to get things started, the most sweeping topic, the price (as in costly) of civilization.

October 14 The Price of Civilization (Jeffrey Sachs)
October 14 Prepare for More Natural Disasters (e.g. Volcanoes)
October 14 Adjusting UK Energy and climate change Policy
October 13, Waster: Dislike of leftovers makes households worst offenders
October 13, Climate change: Countries plan for unpredictable weather (agriculture and food production)
October 13, Nutrition: Ways to enhance its quality (technology improving nutritional value)
October 12, Small farmers have a critical role

You can search Google on the headlines to access the articles.

Global Warming and Nuclear Energy

With a high risk of disastrous consequences from the damage done to the Fukushima nuclear power plant, it’s time to focus attention on nuclear energy and the risks associated with nuclear power plants.

As part of our response at EarthSayers.tv we have established a special collection, Global Warming and Nuclear Energy.  We are linking nuclear energy to global warming because nuclear energy proponents offer it as an antidote to global warming and a viable alternative source of energy, a contention not Nuclear Information and Resource Servicesupported by sustainability advocates from both science and economic perspectives.  We will be adding to this collection and encourage you to become better educated on the subjects of global warming and nuclear energy.  You might also want to check out the Nuclear Information and Research Fact Sheet on the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

Typically the scientists and the economists who address the high risks and costs associated with nuclear power are not covered in the mainstream press so in our special collection we will bring to the fore those voices of sustainability advocating solutions to global warming that do not recommend investing in nuclear energy. There are companies who are bringing innovation to the problems associated with existing nuclear energy plants such as cleaning up nuclear waste and we will seek out sustainability leaders addressing these innovations.