PBS, Citizen Journalism, and Content as King

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 9.28.10 AMThis is an excellent panel discussion held at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on November 29, 2011 featuring Paula Kerger head of PBS and John Boland head of the SF local station, KQED talking about the future of the Public Broadcasting.

Core is the story itself, content remaining king so part of their content strategy is finding the market failures, the important things to society that the market is not addressing: fifty percent of content on the Networks is now reality programming!  Operating at a local level KQED has been both content creator and distributor, the place you go for PBS/NPR programming and other sources, now that content is in lots of place on lots of platforms so evolving from being a distributor to being more of a content creator, and curator of content from lots of sources: a reliable curator, editor, recommender to tell you were your time is well spent. The newer role is more as a community convener and partner.

Give a listen.