Nine Personal Capacities of Sustainability Leaders

I learn at least one “something new” every day, usually before 9AM as I go through my morning emails.  This morning it was about a company, The Sustainability Learning Centre, referenced in a post on the LinkedIn group, Chief Sustainability Officers, and shared by Kathryn Cooper.  They have a two part learning series on “Facilitating Transformational Change Screen shot 2012-04-11 at 10.45.08 AMToward Sustainability,” the headline that caught my attention.  So, I clicked through and found this very grounding information on the nine personal capacities that embody successful sustainability leaders.

1) Being Present, 2) Suspension and Letting Go, 3) Intention Aligned with Higher Purpose, 4) Holding Paradoxes/Ambiguities and Multiple Worldviews,  5) Compassion , 6) Personal Power, 7) Whole System Awareness, 8) Whole Self Awareness and 9) a Sense of Humour.

Hard work ahead!

I haven’t experienced this online training, but the capacities are right on in my opinion and the presentation of them in this circle with “Being Present” at the core is a graphic one should carry around in a pocket closest to the heart.

The Sustainability Learning Centre expresses its values as “an ecologically intelligent, values-based group that operates on the “principle of abundance” and believes that “whole” employee engagement releases unimagined potential for “making a difference in the world” and brings forward an untapped capacity for innovation.”