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What is Sustainability?

John Marshall RobertsThe answer John Marshall Roberts gives is a simple, direct one (goes beyond green) and given in the context of what we need to do to call people to action and create radical change. We just added his presentation, Inspiring Sustainability in Skeptics, to our collection, Culture and Consciousness on, voices of sustainability.

John Marshall Roberts teaches people and organizations how to overcome cynicism and inspire. He is a
communication expert and applied social scientist with a subversive sense of humor, and more than a decade of strategic consulting experience. His bestselling book “Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries” delivers an innovative paradigm for creating inspirational media and messaging called Worldview Design.

Climate Change Reality: Action Campaign

It begins with an email:  Will people “share” their accounts?  I plan to as I have cause related facebook fan page and the same for a twitter account.  Perfect use of both as far as I am concerned.

Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 6.16.09 PM

Then we move on to the campaign elements.

Climate Reality Logos

Focusing on a date, this is event marketing with social media extremely well executed.  We can wait for the results, but in terms of best practices it has all the earmarks of effective marketing.  Donate here your facebook and twitter accounts.

And less you don’t think the issue is climate reality, consider the positions of many of the candidates for President:

Bachman says global warming is a hoax, Perry says “one contrived phony mess…a secular carbon cult” and Mittie having in Massachusetts proposed plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and explored creation of a regional carbon cap-and-trade program, now, despite Supreme Court ruling to contrary, says federal law did not give the EPA authority to regulate carbon emissions.

We have an special collection on Global Warming and Climate Change where you will also find the video the climate reality folks are using.  We also feature the video in the main screen on our home page which rotates videos. Be sure to listen to Naomi Oreskes‘ presentation to understand how our citizens, maybe you, have been hoodwinked.

Donate your twitter and facebook fan page here.