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Reach Out and Educate with Your Voice

And make sure you are on YouTube.


In October 2011, 201.4 billion videos were viewed online, with the global viewing audience reaching 1.2 billion unique viewers age 15 and older. Google Sites led as the top global video property with nearly 88.3 billion videos viewed on the property during the month, accounting for 43.8% of all videos viewed globally. was the key driver of video viewing on Google Sites, accounting for more than 99% of videos viewed on the property. Source is comScore Video Metrix as reported in MediaPost’s Research Brief, Media Research Center, Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

Of course putting content out on the Web regardless whether it is text or video requires seeding the Web to increase page rankings and the probability of your content being found, viewed, and judged as relevant and of quality.

Lots of work ahead of us in 2012 to get the voices of sustainability out there and heard. We will exceed the 1,000 voices mark this month and look to 2,000 in 2012.

Sustainability: Prosperity: Ceres Conference 2011

Screen shot 2011-08-13 at 12.14.52 PMDid you miss attending the Ceres Conference 2011 in Oakland, California last May? I did and I’m sorry I missed it.  Next one is April 25-26th 2012 in Boston!

However, working with 3bl Media folks we created a Ceres special collection on based on the interviews 3bl Media conducted at the conference with Dr. Peter Graf, Chief Sustainability Officer at SAP, Amy Roberts, VP,

House of Cards Video

House of Cards Video Opened Conference

Government Affairs of OutDoor Industry Association, Michael McGuire, Wiser Solar Chairman, Anna Walker, Senior Manager of Worldwide Government Affairs & Public Policy at Levi-Strauss & Co., Mindy Lubber, President of Ceres and more….

Jack Ehnes, CEO of CalSTRS, one of the oldest pension funds providing retirement benefit for educators talks about investing for the long term and doing so in a sustainability framework and Ross MacFarlane of here in the Pacific NorthWest talks about a project they have been working on around sustainability aviation and what that industry here in the NW is doing, starting with putting their heads together to address climate change.

Give a listen and be motivated and inspired by the business leaders who drive their organizations from a sustainability strategy, where sustainability is front and center, not just an initiative, program, or project.

Corporate Sponsorship of Sustainability: The FYI

From an email from the Txchnologist:

“FYI – the Txchnologist is an online magazine that looks at new innovations in science and technology.  The next several weeks of coverage will be dedicated to exploring the issues around natural gas. The magazine is presented by GE but the stories are not necessarily reflective of the company’s views or positions.”

FrackingNatural gas is a high risk alternative to oil owing to the process to retrieve the gas called fracking. It will be interesting to see how balanced the stories are and to learn, possibly, more about GE’s investment in natural gas development, if they have one.  Most citizens, myself included, are not very well informed on this subject.  On we have a special collection, High Risk Energy Alternatives, and we continue to believe that hearing directly from the leaders and citizens from both sides of the story is important for citizens in their professional and work roles to make informed decisions. We also see that it has been the practice to externalize risk and costs associated with our ecosystem services and the results are unacceptable as is continuing to not discuss the practice until there is a catastrophe such as the Gulf Oil spill and the meltdown of three reactors in Japan. To return to business as usual is also not acceptable and another good reason to listen to the voices of sustainability.

What we don’t know is does a sponsorship by a major corporation compromise the integrity of our collection?  Major corporations have the big bucks and the marketing intelligence to know the value of thought leadership.  It’s tempting. We continue to look for where EarthSayers needs to find the funding support to be part of The Worldwide Commons and remain, like a library, open to all, but unlike the bookish roots of our library systems (special libraries in particular) being rooted in online video, the voices of sustainability.