Water and Sustainability Letter

Dear friends and colleagues,

sustainability awarenessNothing is more fundamental to sustainability than water. It defines the surface of our planet, prescribes what is necessary to our life, and challenges hopes for worldwide prosperity.  The voices of sustainability who address water span a wide range of issues, programs, disciplines, professions, geographies, industries, opportunities, catastrophes, and toxins making it difficult, but not impossible, to organize and connect them under the one umbrella of sustainability. We have gathered together on EarthSayers over a hundred of these voices under three special collections – 1 Water, Oceans, and, most recently, Plastic in Our Oceans.  Our intent is to increase awareness of sustainability and advance the leadership.

It was by meeting one such leader, Howard Lack, CEO of the UK Foundation Plastic Oceans, that it became obvious to me that the big problem with plastic in our oceans needs to be called out and the various messages and approaches brought together in one place on EarthSayers.tv by creating a special collection.  We interviewed Howard when he was in San Francisco so we could share his passion, plans, and partners with you and contribute to his goal of increasing awareness. Howard, like the naturalist David Attenborough whom he quotes believes “when people are aware of the problem they want to solve the problem.” There are a good number of us around the world that are working under this belief and in my next blog post I will call out ocean rower and environmental campaigner, Roz Savage, to share her first-hand experience with plastic in our oceans.

Do visit the Plastic in Our Oceans special collection and give a listen to Howard here. Plastic Oceans is always looking for sponsors to cover the operational costs of achieving its objectives.  Sponsorship can of course be financial commitment, however it could also entail the provision of products or services that we need.  Talk to them about how you would like to be involved. We did.

Cordially, Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann Barrett, sustainability advocate, January 30, 2014, Portland, Oregon.